BIP-17: Bean Sprout Q2 2022 Budget Proposal

Proposed: April 14, 2022

Status: Failed (the governance exploit occurred during the Voting Period)

Link: GitHub PR


Bean Sprout



We designed the Q2 2022 budget to enable Bean Sprout to support the Beanstalk ecosystem in a complementary fashion to Beanstalk Farms, which is dedicated to improving the protocol more directly. With that in mind, Bean Sprout intends to focus on the following goals:

Q1 Budget Recap

The Q1 2022 budget minted 2,000,000 Beans to fund protocol development. It also restructured the Beanstalk development community into two independent, symbiotic organizations with distinct mandates: Beanstalk Farms and Bean Sprout (a Beanstalk accelerator program).

Bean Sprout currently operates in tandem with Beanstalk Farms’ Business Development, Marketing and Operations departments. In Q1, Bean Sprout received 800,000 of the 2,000,000 Beans to fund marketing, integration and community initiatives, in addition to contributor compensation. 101,950 Beans were allocated, supporting various major accomplishments including:

Anticipated Q2 Bean Sprout Output

Q2 2022 Current Staffing & New Hires

Current Bean Sprout Core Staff

Anticipated Q2 2022 Bean Sprout Hires


We propose a total of 3,000,000 Beans are minted to fund Bean Sprout through the end of Q2 2022. 698,050 Beans remain unspent by Bean Sprout in Q1. These Beans will be rolled over into Q2, resulting in a total budget allocation of 3,698,050 Beans.


In Q2, the funds for Bean Sprout will be custodied by a multi-sig wallet with keys held by various community members and Publius. We propose the following keyholder designations for Q2.

Beanstalk Sprout Multi-Sig Wallet Signatories

Snapshot Processes

As was the case in Q1, we will continue utilizing the following processes for Bean Sprout Proposal votes via Snapshot:

For more information on each process, please refer to the Q1 budget here.

Bean Sprout’s Snapshot process is subject to change via a vote of the DAO.

Incentive Alignment

The Beanstalk community has decided to disallow core contributors from receiving any portion of their compensation in Pods. Beginning in Q2 2022, contributors will receive 100% of compensation in Beans.

In the future, whenever Deposits become transferrable, Beanstalk Sprout will try to offer the ability to Deposit all or a portion of ones Bean allocation upon approval of their Snapshot proposal, and then make payment in the form of Deposited Beans.

Competitive Pay

Bean Sprout recognizes that its ability to pay contributors competitive wages is essential to Beanstalk’s long-term success and will ensure that it meets or exceeds market rates.


Effective immediately upon passage.